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I remember stepping outside in the early morning, fighting the cold weather to grab a coffee at Java Espresso bar & Kaffeforretning. #FrenchVersion


On my way to Telthusbakken, I bought few Kanelbolle at a Bakery calleds Baker Hansen St.Hanshaugen.  Telthusbakken street is located in the middle of downtown Oslo. The small wooden houses lining up in the street are over 200 years old.  Some part of the road were very slippery but apart from that, it was a charming morning walk.

I was more than excited when I finally reached Tim Wendelboe's door step. He is one of my favorite roaster. The menu offers a wide range of black coffee, I ordered an espresso and an aeropress (Hunkute - Ethiopia). The aeropress was simply mind blowing, probably one of the best I have ever had.

After this coffee break, I headed up to the Viking Museum. I strongly advise to visit the museum at the openning as the space is not very big and it can get very crowded. 

The Oslo pass give you free entrance to the museum ( see previous article ) which help you to save 80NOK. The museum displays the world's two best-preserved viking ships: Gokstad & Oseberg. The remaining fragments of a third ship are also displayed : the Tune. These three imposing dark ships where built of oak in the 9th century. It's quiet impressive to imagine that these ships were once sailing into rough seas. These oak viking ships look so fragile nowadays but still impressive.

I was very excited to visit the Norskfolk Museum and God knows I hate museum. However, this museum is very particular: It's one of the largest open-air museum in Europe (YES! fresh air). There is over 150 historic Norvegian wooden houses from all part of Norway and a magnificent old stave church. The entrance is free with the Oslo Pass otherwise it's 125NOK per person.



After spending most of my morning outside, I went back to the city to enjoy a comforting lunchStormkjøkkenet is a very cool restaurant, the service is excellent and the food delicious. 

I spent the rest of my day visiting the Museum of Decorative Arts & Design as well as the National Museum of Contemporary Art. 

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