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Last winter I have go the wonderful chance to spent a week in Norway. I honestly got a bit fed up of London, the city itself, its stressful life and crowded streets. #FrenchVersion

 Visit Oslo & Experience a Scandinavian Winter
Last January I flew to Oslo where I spent 2 days and half. You can easily visit Oslo in 2-3 days. It's a well connected city where you can travel by tube, tram or bus.
Buying the ''72 hours Oslo Pass''(price:590NOK) seemed like a good idea to visit the city during my short stay. Oslo Pass provides free travel on all public transport within zones 1 & 2 and it also gives you free access to most of the major attractions & museums. I strongly suggest you to have a look at visitoslo website for more information.
My Oslo pass in hand and my camera ready, I went out to explore Oslo. On my way to the city center, I stopped at Kaffebrenneriet ( Grønlandsleiret 32, 0190 Oslo) to grab a coffee. 

Kaffebrenneriet has several coffee shops arond Oslo, the espresso itself wasn't very interesting but the staff was friendly and the place charming. It was already getting darker and colder when I stepped outside to pursue my little expedition.

I recommend you to go to Oslo bay area, Bjørvika, in order to enjoy the sunset . It gives you a breathtaking view of the harbor and Oslo Opera.

I made my way to downtown Oslo to visit Fuglen located next to the University. Fuglen is one of the most iconic venue of the Norwegian coffee scene and probably the oldest one(since 1963?!). Fuglen (Universitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo) is at the same time a coffee shop, a cocktail bar and a vintage design shop.  The coffee menu offers the choice from four different roasteries: Supreme Roastworks, Tim Wendelboe, Kaffa et Solberg & Hansen (all based in Oslo). The coffee and the athmosphere were great. Sadly, I didn't try the cocktail bar area.

I walk downed ‘’Universitetsgata’’ and made my way to Spikersuppa’’ free ice skating rink. You can bring your own ice skates or rent a pair for only 100NOK a day. The ice skating ring is open everyday from the end of November to mid March (11am to 9pm).

After spending an hour at the ice skating rink, I went for a diner at Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri (Grensen 1, Oslo 159). The restaurant is located next to Oslo Domkirke. The place is very cozyy with a bar & a fireplace. I ordered the Hvalbiff (whale steak) served with an abricot sauce. It wasn't an easy decision to order this dish. The meal itself was good but I didn't feel confortable at the idea of eating whale steak.
A Norwegian guy, that I met later on in Tromsø, found my ethical struggle funny. According to him, it's normal and not shocking to eat whale steak at the restaurant. Eating whale meat is a part of Norwegian history & culture. Well, I won't eat it again.

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